The aim of this site is to modestly make the flightsimmers community get benefit of my own experience, through out miscellaneous information, and for those of you wanting to build a cockpit, avoid a long and heavy workload of researches such as the ones I had to do by myself.

Some simple solutions sometimes exist to solve technical problems, providers have the hardware pieces we looked for long months or sell them tenth cheaper than the other, so, to make a long story short, this is a crowd of little details: I would like to make you take benefit of my experience, as I did from the others.

Before activating this site, started at the same time I started my cockpit project, it lasted one year, why?

I thought it was better to go ahead in my project, find out solutions to most of the technical problems, to be able to answer most of the questions and illustrate them.

This introduction is only the beginning, each topic is going to be detailed and completed by descriptions, pictures, schemas to clearly explain how I worked.

I do not want neither to re-invent, nor to copy other builders, so for some topics, you will see links to other Internet sites, where the subject has been particularly well explained and developped.

I particularly appreciated the help of some people, and I will do my best to answer every question. To all of those who think that the building of a cockpit is an irrealizable dream, without a deep knowlege, I'll say NO, such a project is very realizable with some handy capabilities, carefully working and patience, so GO AHEAD!......



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