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The interfaces

There are presently various interfaces types:
KE 72

I choosed the Photon boards for several reasons:
-the ratio price / number of I/O's is very interesting,
-the capacity is very high for one alone mother board, since you can obtain up to 512 inputs, and at exits level, 112 displays or 896 Leds.
-the programmation is highly simple, so no complex language, but a simple menu, which allows you to assign one function choosen in a list to the various installed components. This topic is of paramount importance for those who do not have a good level of competences in programming, which is necessary for some interfaces.

A test function allows you to control the various interfaces, switches, displays or leds connections.

As an extra choice, I chosed the IO-Card system from Spain, which offers particular options such as the potentiometers operation, and so allows the throttle control.

In addition, the IO-Card system offers the oportunity to install the boards by yourself which places them at the best price level regarding the concurrency.

For a detailed description of each type I suggest you read the very detailed explanations at "Interfaces" page of Claude Kieffer Internet site.

The Photon box The power supply box non visible is fixed at the back of the box
At the right the board which gather several sectors the group PHOTON cards
Sight of the new wide box The card of regrouping of the MIP
In high A left, the phaser card  




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