The exterior display


For the exterior display we can choose from various solutions:


The very simple use of a monitor:

This is the very economic solution; of course, the major disadvantage résides in the reduced scenery size, which is not the best for the realism.


The Fresnel lens:

Various sizes exist, they are low cost and, as some users say, the display quality is very satisfying.


The video projector:

This is of course the ideal solution but only when using a 1024 high definition projector, I personnaly tried a 800x600 one, but found that the image quality was unsufficient.

Nevertheless, the video-projector has two disadvantages: first one is its price, since you will have to pay about 2600 Euros (even though the prices are lowering down), en thus the operation cost, since most of them have life of about 1000 hours. And the problem is that a flashlight costs about 600 euros...


Other solution:

The Precision Flight Controls company is now developping a curve sreen project, we have had few information about it till now, but this project is to be carefully followed since this is the principle used in the professionnal simulators.




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