Some great realizations

A recent site which temoigne of what little to produce the combination enters a passione of aviation and its brother for which electronics does not have a secret. Very many photographs very detaillees, pages in constant evolution

A particularly interesting site on the realization of a complete cockpit of 737,a realization supplements and of very great quality the site is moreover very rich in detailed photographs of each "station" and contains a heading drawings . its author even has the merit to have built all share him.

The Peter Cos Internet site, contains lot of information about his A320 cockpit realization.

Wonderfull realization, the throttle levers automatically move when in autopilot mode, wonderfull pictures, but unfortunately few building details.

A very interesting site concerning the building of a Boeing 737 cockpit.

This one is the reference Internet site for the Boeing 747 cockpit, with wonderfull pictures and precise details concerning the realization.

A well done Internet site devoted to the Boeing 747, with numerous pictures and descriptions.

A providers list

The back lighted boards provider for Boeing, Airbus and now Embraer. Very good quality, many uses, can provide the complete boards, or the components or complete kits.

The Photon interfaces electronic boards builder . Good quality material and an exemplary commercial and technical follow up.

The excellent basic program for the various displays, and make the interface link, FS programm of the CDU, EFIS and Autopilot. A new software being developped now allows overhead commands programming.

Distributor of numerous materials for simulation including ITRA and AGT trades among lot of others. Provides also some spare parts such as Knitter encoders, and a 5.6" screen.

The german provider of spare parts such as coders, these ones are also ditributed in Europe by Cockpitsonic .

Big builder of coders and rotactors. Top of the market, without being more expensive. They sell among a lot of others, some coders with the switch function integrated. They sell buttons complete series. The commercial follow up is equal to the products quality.


IO-Card program interfaces , these electronic boards have many possibilities, you can easily build by yourself. Some documents are translated in french and english, but unfortunately others are in spanish.

Electronics important french provider. A large series, many available spare parts so speedy delivery and very competitive prices.

Jean Yves SPAN  site ; He's the developer of the software of CAD which my licence to draw the cabin and all the plans of the project.

Buttons builder, a very interesting series, numerous shapes and sizes, distributor in France, order without quantity constraint and very acceptable prices.

English provider for spare parts and electronics, LCD screens too, they sell a lot of buttons diametre 28 mm very conform to the Boeing ones, and also Switch Guards. .

Interfaces cards, robots elements, analogic displays and modules.

Sell modules for 777, and the display programs pro-MDF

Display program for ND and PFD

French electronics provider A large and very well illustrated catalog.

Important buttons provider for aeronautic, this one is listed here just for information because it is impossible to buy its products, prices are very high and minimum quantity must be ordered.


French distributor of the switches series OMRON. This provider owns still in stocks switches 12 x 12 mm size with square push button. Easy to order, no minimum order and reasonable delevery expenses.

Specialist of LED's, shemas and plugins.

A Flight Simultor 747 panel which must be present in this list because it includes nearly the whole functions being in a 747 panel.

A buttons builder with mainly some concentric buttons.

A series of buttons including concentric ones.

Flotec informatique

A computer provider which has in the meantime stocks and good prices.

Enrico Schiratti Internet site. The Project Magenta initiator.

All sizes monitors, easy to integrate due to their industrial destination, but a little bit expensive.

AGT Internet site, wonderfull Airbus or Boeing panels, built or in spare parts.

Airbus panels and 5.6" screens.

Sells aircrafts spare parts, from a single module to the whole cockpit.

From spare parts to complete simulator.

Can provide every type of screen from 6.4 " up to 23".

Builds Boeing 747 panels modules and some for Airbus, very expensive.

Various elements provider for Airbus and Boeing .


An Internet site which provides very precise information concerning various functions of the most common aircrafts.

Hundreds of pictures of every types of aircrafts.

The Boeing company Internet site for 747.

A lot of information for being started in electronic, particularly for beginners.

This one could be named "electronic for the ignorants", must be visited absolutely.

Very interesting site for electronic, many information for all levels users.

Data base listing the electronics providers.$pass*69859773!mtd*7!map*_landings/images/,8

Data base, with a host of research solutions, aircrafts datas, Companies, etc...

JD server Home 747

An Internet site which brings alltogether a lot of 747 enhusiasts.

My simulation favorite sites

The very first one: my Association, based in Rhône-Alpes, in France, a melting pot of competences and dynamism.

The most important virtual company in the world managed by my friend Hans Peter von Knorring, and for whom I am pleased to manage the Companies UTA and AEROMARITIME Page UTA et Aeromaritime .


In my mind, the world leader with Flightsim in the simulation area.


The concurrent of the preceding, if we can say concurrence.


Not so famous than the 2 preceding but, nevertheless, a very plentyful site.



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