Mes Fournisseurs



I have to say that when I started this project, I had absolutely no eletronic knowledge, only some domestic electricity ideas, I had never used neither a soldering iron nor a controller, I may say as well I started from level zero.

What finished, I realize today, I owe it to some friends who helped me and I send my sincere thanks to each of them:

To Patrice MARBEUF my technical expert who patiently answered all my questions, such as a great 747 expert he really is. Thanks to his information with which I have been able to realize a lot of elements very accurate to the actual ones and be accurate to the basic actual sizes.

To Gerard LAFAYE for his research work and programming on the displays and also to have to ensure the translation in English of all the pages of this site..

To Martin WRIGHT who take care of my purchases in England.

 In François CHEMINADE for the assistance that it me A brings in the field of electronics so much share his councils which share its direct intervention on cards.

Finally well on also has all my colleagues builders of cockpit who of share their sites allow has those which begin to find the bases necessary has this type of realization.





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