the Yokkes


The yokes are built from medium panels assembled in several layers, we have successively 2 layers10 mm then 19 mm and finally a last layer 10 mm in the switches area and the hat-switch area.

First of all, I had to carry out a pattern based on the dimensions provided by Juan Cordon that
I want to warmly thank here. (

The pattern being considered as suitable, the various layers of medium could be fitted alltogether before passing to shaping them, which is based on pictures to be conform to the original model.

It remains then to dig grooves for the wiring and has to carry out the switches locations, hat switch etc... these operations being carried out as well two times so that both yokkes are perfectly identical.

Let us now have a look now to the the column: this is to be made of a PVC pipe 60 mm diameter and in the higher part of which will be fitted an elbow which will be used as a basis for our yoke. At its basis, the column is assembled on an spindle which is itself fitted in a clamp. The yoke's arms are settled on a spindle and ball bearings; the play of which being adjusted with nuts.

The column and arms motions are transmitted to 10 k potentiometers by gears, directly with a 1/3 reduction the arms corresponding to the ratio between the 270 of the potentiometer and the 90 rotation of the arms and, for the column, using a set of 3 trains of gears allowing to obtain same the 270 for a displacement of the pole of an amplitude lower than 100 mm which means an angle of the mecanic column of about 9 . Some adjustable stops limit these motions and avoid oversteppeing the bounds of the potentiometers. return to vertical position, Le return has the driving position, therefore neutral position of the column is guaranteed by springs.

After coating, sandpapering and wiring realization, the wheels will receive several coats of paint in order to obtain one finished looks after; the adhesive will be painted brown after application of a plastic underlayer; the base will be painted out of standard chestnut "Boeing" .

In order to finish the unit, it remains to carry out the flying label with its lighting which will be obtained using a small 12 V lamp controlled by a mini push rod included in the label.

The various thicknesses are assembled the front face after setting forms the back face
The stage of wheel The base of the collonne with its reduction The passage of wire in grooves
The yokke after coating before painting The first yokke in the course of completion Both yokkes are ready for integration in the cockpit

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