The Bigs News of  747 Projet



Like everyone since step badly time my site could note it did not know evolutions, various reason, of which health one oblige me has to differ a certain number of modification considered.

The most significant change touches the establishment even cockpit, I have move and I have a larger room now, which will enable me to carry out a cabin "really" with dimensions correct of the 747; that also solves moreover a problem of retreat for the use of a video-projector.

 modifications of the cockpit :

 - New  redrawn cabin complete.

-  panel Maintenance made

- Overhead Modification

- logic on basis IO-Card

-  Yokke and propeller modification for  synchronization of the CDB and copilot

- New seats (in conformity with the Boeing)

-  Trim and trush-leveller motorization

-  Circuit breaker panel's modification

 Innovations of the site:

 - New  pages presentation

- New page for download every draws

- detailed Pages of the procedure uses for the achievements of the various sections with photographs, drawing dimension etc





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