Project Detailed Description

The idea is due from ma wife !!!!
My first system was installed at the 2nd floor so my wife had a chance to meet me only when landed at an airport,
so she suggested I build a special room at the 1st floor closed to the house
to install my cockpit so she would have a chance to meet me
a little bit more often !
How to refuse?!! The idea was launched.
Meanwhile, I had built a small pedestal with GoFlight elements,
and the pilot confort I had get enforced my idea to go ahead in my project of a complete actual size cockpit.

So, then which aircraft type could I choose?
At the beginning, I imagined a twinjet such as the 777, based on the fact that
most of the aircrafts are twinjets, and next, after some hesitation,
I decided for the 747, having ever been fascinated by this aircraft,
and building speaking, there are no more difficulties for it than for any other one,
the only noticeable difference being in the throttle.
The 747 is widely represented in the simulation world, and
in all the possible liveries.
Technically speaking, due to its size and, of course its weight,
the necessary procedures are complex, so flying it is interesting.
Moreover, there are plenty of documentation and spécifications concerning the 747, which is
appreciable in this type of project.

So the base of the work will be made of boards built by the
FlightDeck Solutions company, the quality of them being excellent
and appreciated by all the users.
The interfaces made by electronic boards are not yet defined at this time.
For the Autopilot, I hope to reuse my present autopilot,
recently bought from ITRA company.
I think that 3 PC's will be needed to manage the operation
of the whole cockpit, and essentialy for the various screens operation.
For those ones, I will buy Project Magenta system.
All the different pieces will be integrated in a cockpit built
with plywood and pegs.
The front scenery display, which will be the last step,
a video camera and a large cinema screen will be used, but before that step a long way remains to do.

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