Building the cockpit

The first difficulty is to find the exact cockpit size, very hard work in fact, because the technical documents are numerous, but very few give the dimensions of the cockpit.

So I scanned pictures to try to compute the scale based on some well known values such as aircraft height and some others.

I obtained some dimenions and finally realized they were largely greater than my cockpit room. In fact, the 747 cockpit is 11 feet wide at floor level.

So I changed the actual sizes to adapt the cockpit to my room, and build the cockpit respecting the shape and look as much as possible, even being a purist.

Concerning the height above seats and beneath ceiling, I significantly modified them, having gotten the precise ones from a technicianl of my friends.

The whole cockpit is made of plywood 1.5 inch thick, which will allows to include the Pro Pedals pedals just at floor level. The sides and the top are built as a boat hull, which means formed frames on which are screwed plastic boards, more flexible and smooth. This method makes the finish work easier. Some filler corrects unperfect forms and the whole is then painted.

A better result may be obtained using resin and fiberglass but this process is more uneasy to work so I thought, at least at this moment, that the exterior part is not the most important and can remains unperfect. The present concept and building allow me to take down part or the whole cockpit for some changes.


The frame building, a very precise work The top: you can see the internal structure The exterior body being painted
The final result Side before glasses installation Cockpit entry sight


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