The main panel


The panel building basis, and also the other elements such as the overhead, the pedestal, the MCP, etc... are made of "medium" boards. It is a strong material, easy to work with, and, at equivalent thickness, has better technical characteristics than the plywood. Furthermore, you can obtain a better finish than with the plywood, which is necessary for the pedestal and the overhead, which have many pieces cut out letting few material between holes.

Consequently, I started being inspired by the wonderfull work of Pascal in this area.

The pieces have been cut out, after the FDS elements had been received, in a "médium density" of 0.6 inch, and simply screwed ones on the others.

I had spent a lot of time trying to define prcisely the panel sizes, but finally, I cautiously waited for having the spare parts in my hands, which is much more wise.

For the panel angles, I found the sizes on the AVSIM forum, and also for the height of the panel above ground.

The top of the panel which is a complex piece with rounded forms, is made of several thickness of "medium density", cut out, then sticked one on the other and then formed before being fixed on flexible plywood of de 0.3 inch which is rounded such as the "cap". This part may be realised using resin and fiberglass.


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