Le pedestal

The pedestal


This is made of 3 succesive boxes built with 0.4 inch "medium".

The first one is open at the 2 extremities and supports the central part of the pedestal. The top, visible part, is made of a screwed board, in which are made 2 cut out for left and right CDU and for the lower EICAS.

The second one, equally open at the 2 extremities, constitutes the central part of the pedestal where the throttle levers are installed.

The third and last one, open at the throttle side, and where are intalled at the top the board with the COM, OBS, TRIM, printer modules, etc... At the back side of the box, the intercom, which is in this case a simple telephone.
In my particular case it is operational, which allows me to take the phone and answer even when flying.

The various parts are built with FDS boards.

The back lighting, as most the boards, is made of strip lights.
All the connections with interfaces are made of wires.

    News button for Audio module
intermediaire card for dysplay CDU connections connection dysplay COM module
interior of pedestal , is seen screen of CDU the CDU is operationnel  
The CDU right is to intend for the basic functions of FS    

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