Mes Fournisseurs

Circuit breakers


The circuit braker panel, situated behind the overhead is a board which will never be active.
Installing it is only to create a panel as realistic as possible inside the cockpit.

It is made of a board of 0.4 inch "médium density", such as the overhead, and it has 2 blocks of 9 rows of 13 circuit breakers.
Under each row, an engraved rule displays the corresponding use.
For the circuit breakers, I used fuses holders from Go Tronic which look like the 747 ones.
The rules are made of paper tapes, printed according to my pictures of the 747, and installed between two 0.1 inch plexiglass tapes.

A pull device simulates the smoke extracting system, and a strip light between the two circuit breakers blocks gives the lighting through out oblong holes cut out in a cover.





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